County-Linked Agency Information Management System
The ultimate tool for managing early childhood special education services at your school or agency.
  • Complete information management system includes case management for Early Intervention (EI), Preschool, School Aged, Private Pay, and Home Care programs.
  • Provide both Evaluation and Services along with the necessary Service Coordination.
  • Multiple methods to capture attendance, including direct entry by therapists online.
  • Paperless session notes and digital signatures.
  • Pay therapists directly with seamless integration with your existing accounting system.
  • Extensive support for the Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR) and other regulatory reporting.
  • Supports all billing formats, including county-specific, district-specific, and HCFA-1500 forms.

The 55+ companies using C.L.A.I.M.S. range from agencies run out of a home office to a multi-state organization with over $50 million in annual revenue.

Implementation includes onsite training and we offer both onsite and webinar-based supplemental training.

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User Friendly

Extensive shortcuts and personalization with reminders for required follow-up tasks.

Accurate Billing

Built-in rules for automatic generation of bills that comply with voucher requirements.

Quick Data Entry

Optimized to allow users to get their work done, quickly. Make intake consistent and painless.

Vast Reporting

200+ customizable reports with Excel export and data drilldown.

Accounting Integration

Seamlessly integrate therapist payments, invoices, and checks.

Letter Generation

Microsoft Word integration for notification letters and reports.

Unparalleled Support

Work with an assigned Customer Relationship Manager to answer questions and resolve any issues.


Attendance User-friendly

Description: Collect paperless attendance and session notes. Automatically catch problems and enable therapists to instantly fix problems themselves, before they are billed.

  • Supports accurate collection
  • Multiple methods
    (ABA, Classroom, Evaluations, Coordination)
  • Online entry by Therapists digital signatures and session notes
  • Dozens of audits on entry
  • Therapist notification of warnings
  • Finds problems before billing

Billing and Reconciliation Accurate

Description: Full suite of electronic billing and remittances, with tools and reports for unresolved billing. Automatically load payment and denial information from remittance files. Built-in audit and control features to link bank deposits all the way down to individual service dates.

  • Supports 170+ billing formats
    (county-specific, district-specifc, HCFA-1500, etc)
  • Built-in authorization number audits
  • Rule-based automatic generation of bills
  • Electronic billing and remittances
    (NYEIS, Vendor Portal, Preschool, and HIPAA 837/835)
  • Easily rebill denials
  • Controls link data from bank deposits to individual service dates

Therapists Streamlined

Description: Fully utilize your therapists' time while tracking compliance with state, local, and agency-specific requirements. Therapist payment and billing that integrates with existing accounting systems. Provides an incredibly rich therapist-child matching tool that includes search criteria such as language, location, availability, and many more.

  • Scheduling and assignment
  • Integrated payment and billing
  • Automatic online reminders
  • Automatic notification of compliance issues
  • Proactive monitoring of future expirations
  • State, local, and agency level requirements

Reporting Vast

Description: Over 200 customizable reports with Excel export and data drilldown capabilities.

  • CFR Schedule 4/4a
  • Regulatory: PD2, PD5B, RS1/RS2, SEDCAR1
  • Aged receivables
  • Therapist productivity
  • Unresolved billing
  • Revenue forecast
  • Therapist compliance



With EnterClaims, not only can therapists enter their time and collect digital signatures, but they are presented with the results of a myriad of automatic warnings such as time overlaps and frequency checking. While there, therapists are presented with any upcoming items such as progress reports, quarterlies, and prescription expirations for their children. Service Coordinators save time and become more efficient as they are also able to enter activity notes online.




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